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Hello ^ ^


New Member
I guess it's about time I said hi here.
I'm Fnordy, I found this place trough an art thing. I'm absolutely terrified after reading through the rules.
I like open minds, new stuff and the ability to speak ones mind. I identify with Jackals, most of the art I do makes them a bit orange. I'm an artist of sorts, with the FurAffinity thing (bit odd having to register separately though). I want to get into crafting some kick ass suits and the like, but that'll have to wait I guess. Anyway I said hi, now i'm going back to my idiot corner where I belong.


Hi! Welcome. I hope ya make 'yerself at home!


Welcome to FA. The rules are strict compared some forums, but in the end it makes a FAF a better community. Just dont RP, dont make posts about fetishes, and don't advertise anywhere but the Art Market. and you will be fine. most of the mods here a very nice


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Been a few days, don't think I've broken any rules and I don't seem to have P*ssed anyone off yet. All in all, nice site and community...so far