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Hello ^.^


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Hello, I'm clearly new here, and I answer to Trecius (It's just something I started using ages ago and now I'm used to it). I live in the upstate of South Carolina. I am a college student. My field of study is automotive and diesel technology. I will have an associates degree when I finish classes in 2013. I pretty well spend most of my free time at the computer either watching anime, playing games, reading, writing, or browsing art. Although I am currently working as an automotive technician, I hope to become a published writer.

I have loved "fury" in some form or another for 15 or 16 years now. This is however the first time I have been interested in speaking with other people about it. That is not to say that I was disinterested, I just didn't feel I had any reason to. I recently found out about events like Anthrocon, and this triggered my interest. I learned of the various cons when I noticed a person wearing a wolf costume on youtube. I quickly realized I was very interested in fursuiting, and sought more videos. Eventually I found myself here looking to talk with people since I had been introduced to fur affinity a few months prior. So that's all of the fury history I can think of.

In short, I am Interested in the for all ages fury art, fursuiting, and eventually going to Anthrocon or similar event.


See ya latter ****ers.
Hello and enjoy your stay.

Dont drink the water.


Pretty cool. Welcome to the forums. Hope you make some friends and get your fursuit going.

I have loved "fury" in some form or another for 15 or 16 years now.
Quite literally LOL'ed

Day Coydog

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If you ever need help (if you are going to make a fursuit yourself) I have had some first-hand experience and know a website and some youtube videos that can get you on your way to making it.