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New Member
Hello there,
I am new to this forum but I do already have a acc in FA.
I'm also from Malaysia so I would be happy to find a fur user from MY including those who can draw too.If you ask me about drawing,I only draw in kemono style (aka,japanese furry style) but so far draws canine and feline animals atm.
Had a fursona but don't use them occassionally.

That's all I can say,I hope I can enjoy this community.


There are plenty of people on here who can draw so you wont have to look far my friend! Infact I see myself as an artist of sorts, I am looking to get better at drawing furries and so far I have only succeeded in drawing a male feline but its all experience... Anyways I hope you have a nice stay and if you need a chat or if you are just plain lonely, Im always free ^,.,^