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Hello! :)

I'm Fairly new to this "furry" thing. I have seen some art (some adult), And I find it somewhat interesting (is that a good word?).
Anyway I'm from the UK, 17 years old, 18 in august. I don't have much of a social life (part of the reason I joined I guess). Just to make it clear I'm autistic (high functioning) and went to a boarding school, I finished summer 2013.
Likes: Gaming (CoD halo, Mass Effect, Pokémon too many to name), Music (some local Bands, mainly listen to rock, electronic, been listening to a lot of monstercat lately). Pop music sucks in my oponion (recent pop anyway).
I think that is enough of a intro, hopefully I will get along well with other people in this fandom. Anyway see you all around ;)


Well hello and welcome to the most interesting place in the whole wide internets, remember to have fun :)


Diet coke addict
Welcome to insanity.. err, FAF! Sounds like you'll fit in just fine, and I hope you enjoy your stay. :3


Drunken Irish Snow Leopard
I'm starting to feel more comfortable knowing there is more Autistic people like me here ^.^


Drunken Irish Snow Leopard
Autism is actually pretty common, and most autistics have more off-the-wall interests and relate to animals more than people.

Pretty much this, seems that Animals are the only ones not judging us. Well if they are at least they aren't vocal about it!