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My name is Catya, and I've been on FA since 2007, but I haven't joined the forum until now. My fursona is a white rabbit, I make comics and art, and a lot of my characters are rabbit-themed.

My main comic is called Dirty Paws, it's a strip comic, but I also make short stories and longer arcs, and they can be read on Tapastic https://tapastic.com/razorrabbit along with my other comics.

Check it out and feel free to ask me anything, I don't bite.


Hello and welcome to Fur Affinity and the forums. Hope you like it here.

Definitely have to check out your comic.


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Hello everyone!

Dylan, thank you, it was probably about time I registered on the forum after being on FA for so long.

WhiteTigerCub, thank you so much :)

TheKC, thank you, but it depends what you mean by "favorite things".


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Favorite movie is most Disney movies, because I'm not a huge fan of movies, so I prefer CGI ones. As for games, I prefer Nintendo and 3DS games, favorite game is Animal Crossing and various Mario games, adventure games and platforming games. My hobbies is mostly making art and comics.