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How old were you when you discovered the furry fandom?

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Smol kitty
(This might be the most innocent post you'll ever see so just keep that in mind.)

Heyo! The name's Dragoen, pronounced like "Drag-OH-en". I am a smol black and white cat who loves dragons and drawing. I'm pretty new to the furry fandom, as i've only been for about a month now, although i've been interested in the fandom for 3 years.
I am indeed female, although i prefer non-binary pronouns (them/they) because i'm still not 100% sure what I identify as quite yet. ^^' I discovered that i was a lesbian about 3 or 4 years ago, i'm 13 years old aaandd that's pretty much it.

If anyone could give some advice/info on the fandom that would be awesome! :3