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Unrecognized king of crashing into things
Hey everyone!

It goes without saying that I'm new around here, though "new" isn't the most apt description. I've lurked a bit in the community for over a year now, initially drawn in by the artistic talent on display. I'd always wanted to join, but was held back by what I perceived as a negative public image.

Then I actually did some research. Turns out, this community seems pretty cool!

I'm into my last semester of college, and looking to move on from my snowy midwestern town soon. Can't wait for graduation. In the meantime, though, I like to spend my time reading, writing, and hopping online with my friends to game. And that's where my potential future contributions come in. I love to write in my spare time. In fact, I'd always dreamed of publishing my work one day. Fast forward to the present, and technically that goal's been met. I say technically because I've only published one short story in a regional writer's journal, but hey! It's a start. I'm not much of an artist, but when it comes to writing stories, creating species, etc, I can hold my own.

I've thought about setting up commissions, but I have no significant need for cash right now (I mean, there's always a need for cash, but I can't see myself charging anyone yet). On top of that, it wouldn't feel right to set up commissions when there are no samples of my work out there, so I plan to submit some "writing doodles," if you will, as I get acquainted with that particular part of the forum. No major stories, just scraps— situations, scenes, stuff like that. Maybe a bit of worldbuilding for my own original species on the side. I haven't quite decided yet.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll take requests for those first few story snippets. Like I said, I haven't decided yet, but with an art commission for one of my species already underway, it seems right that I give back to the community in the best way I know how.

Anyway, I look forward to my time here! Feel free to stop by in the future to check out my works if that sort of stuff interests you. Thanks for welcoming me in, and I'll see you around!