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New Member
I have been on the site FurAffinity for 2 years, but I haven’t found myself an interlocutor.
People with whom I am friends are my real friends and acquaintances, so I don’t have anyone to communicate with on the site.
I'm from Russia. I am very interested in how people live in other countries, because I want to travel .
Please, if you are interested, write, I am always glad to meet you!


Queen of Laziness
Hello! Welcome to the forum, fren~

I live in the US, in the state of Massachusetts! It’s always great to meet a fren from overseas!

If you want to chat, send me a private conversation! I’d love to learn more about ya!

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
I am from the Samara region.

There is a secret to me regarding that location that a wise person of the area might discover.
Now I'm worried. Fearing my dirty laundry is about to be aired in public.


Here To Stay It Seems!
Hello and welcome to the forums! I love getting to know new people! So don’t be scared to hit me up!


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

There are a lot of really good artists in Russia, I'm sure you'll be one of them. :)


aka Cutter Cat
Welcome to the forums. We're quite a diverse group here. I live in Memphis, Tennessee, USA about four miles from the Mississippi River in the lower southwest corner of the state.