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I guess its about time i probably made my way on here. Truth be told i've been a furry in hiding for a few years. I've known about the fandom but kept my distance on account of all the negitivity the early 2000s kicked up. Year or so ago i met a few other furries in a discord community for a video game i play. Quickly realized i was dodging the wrong people.

My drawings arnt great, i specialize in 3d art and animation. My cyber wolf is a work in progress but i love these types of characters as well as video games with them. Currently building my own game with an anthro wolf cop as the main character.


Welcome aboard. I was a furry in hiding for a about a decade myself.


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Welcome! Have another cookie!

I think denial is part of being a furry. Seems pretty common at any rate :)


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Welcome to the community. Hopefully you find it more inviting than the scaremongering and the media's skewed perception. Hopefully you will show off your 3D work.


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The truth shall set you free. :)


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Welcome to the community! I hope it feels good to be here ^^