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Hello Everyone! I'm new here! My name is Ruditsu (Many just call me Aki or Vee (that's my real nickname)) and i am a 16 year Old artist who live in Kanagawa Perfecture, Japan. (Sorry my english is not that's good), but here is things about me!

Things i like: Art, Drawing, Furry, Plants, Animals, Making fursuit, design, coding, Videogames (like Pokemon and Monster Hunter!) Tv show like Digimon, Nature shows. I also like bring my sketchbook places to draw and look for inspiration everywhere! I like going on walks as well, chinese and japanese food, my favorite animals are Wolf, Fox, Dragon and Velociraptor. My favorite trype of music is Jpop, Chinese, Electronic , and Chillstep and Rock.
My favorite music artists are Babymetal, Teminite, WRLD, CAPSULE, Nobo Umatsu(made the music for final fantasy, Kingdom hearts etc) , Porter Robinson,
my most favorite of all is a small artist by the name of Beau Jordan, most of their song are on Bandcamp and soundcloud, as well as Youtube!

Things i dislike: Mean people, rude or disrespectful things, inappropriate stuff, people being sarcastic or making fun of others.

My fursona is Aki, they are a closed species i made called a Keti. www.furaffinity.net: Fursuit Design 2019 by Ruditsu
They like to cause mischief and are a trouble maker sometimes and a short attention span though They are friendly, butare kind of shy and bashful as well as like making jokes, they have no gender but you can call them male or female pronouns or both. But please call myslef as They/Them pronouns, thanks. They also have pet shellfish and axotol, they live in a treehouse with their boyfriend named bandit who is a demon raccoon. (he is my actual partner in real life but he doesn't use social media, i will still post art of his character on my furaffinity and twitter though!) Aki also works at a Bakery called "Abule" and is also an artist (like myself ^^) They are the height of 5'0"( i am as well) and bandit is 6'0". (their background and story/where they live and work and ther personality are based of of my real life as well.)

I post most of my art here: Ruditsu (@akikyoitsu) on Twitter And as well as Furaffinity! (My usernames is Ruditsu as well)
Thank you for reading this post! i really appreciate it!


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Welcome to the community, and you don't have to worry about your English skills. It's good enough that I can understand what you're typing without any confusion.

And I don't think I've ever heard of anyone else that likes Babymetal.


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

I think you'll fit in just fine here. :)


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Helloooooo! Welcome to the forums! =D


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Welcome! Your fursona looks really cute! I love the design