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The Squidious Maximous
Hello everyone! I'm Squid, i just found out fa has forums and decided to poke my head in

I'm a freelance artist that does 2d Animation/Illustration and Character design, and i'm starting to use my FA acc to post my stuff. ( I usually use my Twitter or my tumblr to post my work). My art style ranges from horrifying monsters to rubber hose cartoons

when i'm not drawing i'm playing games with my friends or browse YT for something to watch, or trying to learn how to play Dnd ( still dunno what i'm doing, so i'm just making a bunch of characters to try for my first session)

I have two sona's, a dumbo octopus named Marden and a Peacock Spider named Tobias, they're both kinda odd choices i know...

it's nice to meet y'all :D


uh I can explain?
You have an official welcome from the Official Mascot of The Phantom Thieves and Enforcer of Bedtimes! Don't worry, I don't bite :3


Do clouds look down and think I'm one of them?
Hey there! Nice to see you around, I hope you enjoy your time here!