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Hello everyone!
I'm an writer/artist, currently working on a visual novel project. It's actually my first furry related project, and it's kinda exciting and fresh!
I'm here to try and get some constructive criticism on my stuff! (I'm always looking for ways to improve my craft!)

I don't think I should be posting details/talking about my project here on this thread, is there a specific section on the forums where it's more appropriate to do so?
It's NSFW though... apparently forum rules forbid that sorta posting? Hmm..

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Wow, you weren't welcomed yet.


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The Lurking Hooman

...perhaps it's because of my *impure* intent, coming here to just talk about what I made...
Nah. You wouldn't by far be the first. Not in talking about what they've worked on or the fact that it is "impure" as you say. I wouldn't necessarily know how to go about sharing your content in a way that would be ok here. It's not my thing but you'll be surprised how many here might like it.

For now though; Welcome!

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oh no, it's that crazy cat :o
Welcome to the forum!