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A Coffee Addicted Cat
I’m trying my best to get into forum posting since it’s a great way to meet new people, so here’s my little introduction!

My name is Maxwell, but I prefer just being called Max! I am a 23 year old who’s been in the fandom since 2011/2012. I'm non-binary agender and my pronouns are they/them. My main fursona is a caracal named Rowan, but I also have a black cat secondary sona named Kit who I use sometimes! Some more minor details about myself are that I’m bisexual and happily in a relationship with my partner of 3 years, I’m a Christian, and I’m a therian. I’m also a firm believer in giving the same amount of respect that I’m given.

Some things I enjoy are fursuiting with friends, listening to music when I draw (my favorite bands are Set It Off, Glass Animals, Florence & The Machine, and Paramore), playing video games (Overwatch, Pokémon, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Splatoon 2 are my all time favorites), and taking landscape/nature photos with my phone!

I’m naturally a very shy/anxious person, so I don’t hold conversation well. Sometimes I forget to reply to people, so please don’t take it personally!
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!
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Autumn Wolf
bows and greets

Welcome to the forum. May the user enjoy their stay here. ^w^


Sneaky rainforest kitty
Hello and welcome! *raises glass*

You seem like an interesting person and a Caracal is a neat choice. Nice taste in music. We are a fun bunch and I hope you like it here
I love them

Big floppa

His owner added me back on Facebook earlier