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Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Sven Solitude

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Welcome to the club. ^-^ I tried sharing my stuff as well, but I realized that it leads to nothing (I'm not doing it for money). And unless it's fan art, no one really cares, and even then, they would only care about the art or "product", not me. I did it in hope to find friends, that was the only reason. So...unless we are extremely lucky, it's not a good way to make (true) friends like this. It's always sad to see yet another creative person, someone who has to offer so much, but in the end it will always be a lonely path.
Joining a forum like this is a very good idea. Just be yourself and you will find fitting people eventually. :) Be patient! I made the best experiences by simply being curious and talking to people directly (like in private). It is still hard find some, many people don't have time and are very busy with life, family, work, hobbies etc.
I want to draw stupid animals for you!
Are you talking about doing commissions?

I hope you have a fantastic time here! :)


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Welcome! I too felt lonely until I started reaching out and also doing a similar thing you did, making gift/fan art for some of my watchers. This lead to me to meeting some cool furries - but it doesn’t always work. All I know is when I got a gift art, I felt really special (all started with ThatlldoSammy), which is why I started doing that.

I agree with Sven, the forums are more for communicating and discussions where FA is more for art galleries - which is why it may feel lonely on there. Hope you find some friends (maybe starting with me? :D)

I do wish you the best! *sends positive vibes*