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I am fairly new to the furry fandom and joined this site to just get to know others better and get to know the fandom better. the furry fandom so far has seem so welcoming and has already made me feel happier than before. I always denied I was a furry because people made fun of furries all the time- but I finally said f that, and decided to just accept it. I was really excited to come up with a fursona- well... mine doesn't necessarily have fur lol. I named them QuetzAl which is a Quetzal dragon (the Al capitalized is my first two letters of my real name) so I decided to sort of just use QuetzAl. I know it isn't too original, I may change it one day but for now I really like it. I'm hispanic and the Quetzalcoatl dragon is apart of my culture. I really wanted to be a dragon though because it embodies wisdom, angry (quick temper), and loyalty: which describe me pretty well. I believe... I made my own pfp too it was the first time ever really drawing a fursona I made it more human like than animal like lol. It may change over time we will see. Anyways, nice to meet you all.


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
Hi, and welcome! It takes quite a bit of self- esteem to tell everyone F-it, I'm *me* and that's that! I can relate to that, as I'm sure quite a few others here can. Interesting that you choose to be a child of the Feathered Serpent. That's alot of heritage to be proud of and quite a few strong traits, as well.