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Hello! Name's Leggu.
I have been here since yesterday, I just want to share my art and talk with people. I am not too fond of roleplaying but I love playing videogames such as Minecraft or Animal Jam.
I have been drawing for some time now. I am not new to the fandom, I have been part of it since 2016.
I am genderfluid
They/Its/Zir are my pronouns.
I am Hispanic, born in Costa Rica, living in Costa Rica.
My main passions are Electronic Dance Music, art, paleontology (I like the Cenozoic better than the Mesozoic), and helping animals since I am a wildlife rehabber.
I am autistic and very anxious.
My fursona is a seal, I have like 6 seal OC's (including variations of my main OC) and at least 5 caracal OCs, because Floppa rocks.
My FA profiles are legguchan and KopplaKaracal, the latter one being miscellaneous art I don't want to put in my main profile, I also used to have an account back in 2017 to 2020 which is now defunct coz I don't go through that name anymore.
Here's some examples of my art :D
(I also draw nsfw but I'd like that to put that elsewhere lmao)