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Hello Everybody 8)
My names Vitross... I probably should talk about me... time to use the old
standard introduction form.
Mood:Morbidly Insane:twisted:
Species:um Human?
Furry Species: Mouse :D
what I'm currently doing: uh typing this introduction post
what I'm doing after I'm done typing: i don't know probably play guild wars
Interests:Alchemy,Bunnies,Alchemy,Video games, did i forget to mention Alchemy?
Tried to make a FA account but oh well can't draw anyway :p
So as you can tell I'm pretty serious (Read Lie)Well thats all i can think of right now

Fun Fact: Vitross can't think of a fun fact to put in the "fun fact" tab


He who shale be ignored...
Perrrsia: MOUSIE X3!!!!!! *runs over and hugs Vitross tightly* Welcome to FA nyaa =3

Yes welcome to FA. Free pastries for new comers.


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So have you transmuted gold yet?
Haha, I kid, I joke. Welcome to the forums! (offers banana bread)


Vitross said:
Tried to make a FA account but oh well can't draw anyway :p
Welcome! :)
Do you know that you can tell others than your account is for “watching” artists? ;)


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Welcome Vitross to the forums....kick back, relax and please try not to blow us up while concocting your alchemical doohickies ;P


Waa~h! I can't see you!
*Ator tries not to stomp on mouse*
Ah! Find ya! *gives a hug*
Welcome to the forums! :3


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Thank you everybody for the warm welcome :) *squeak*
Mmm pastries and banana bread I'm in heaven :D
*proceeds to munch on banana bread*
Fun Fact: Vitross still cant think of a "Fun Fact"