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Vector Rain

Struggling with drawing.
Well hello! I been around the forums for about a month, forgot to say hello. :p

Well, my name is Vector Rain. I'm 22 years old. Live in Arizona. My fursona is a wolf.

I have been lurkin in the fandom for several years. Never really contributed any art until recently, as i'm learning to draw.

I have no problem making friends at all. If you want to chat or know more, hit me up.

Toki Stardust

hates sunshine and water
Your name is wonderful, my friend. I'm unfortunately cursed with the whole 'internet alias' thing, so good luck here I suppose. kbye.


Is honestly confused by life.
Arizona eh? Lived in Tucson for 8 years myself.
It. Was. Shit.
But, like, really hot shit so that smell always lingers.