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Professional dumbass
heh heh... I'm new here and a little shy and have no clue what else to say...


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Welcome in FA, hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^

Start with your interests, then the reason you've joined FA, and it'll be just fine, also.. dun worry, Im shy too :p


Professional dumbass
Thanks. I joined to just talk with people and this place looked cool. I like metal music, videogames, and old tv shows and movies.


Professional dumbass
Woot, metal music! Got any favorite bands? And no worries, i'm shy too.

Iron maiden, skid row, white zombie, dio, guns n roses, and judas priest. And I like your avatar.


Professional dumbass
Thanks, you too. and for the other comment, yes thats good too. Dragulas my fave.

Mr. Platypus

Mmm mmm good.
*waves webbed paw, hands you coffee*

Welcome to the forums. Nothing to be shy about...it's a little weird at first, then you start to relax and get comfy. The coffee will get you gabbing, and you'll be right as rain from there. :)

Also, I like your tastes- old movies and television are wonderful things as I think they were done with a bit more style than they are done now (CGI does NOT make a film, thank you.) And Zombie is very good in concert...probably the best free concert I've ever seen. Unfortunately Dragula hadn't been written at that point, but More Human Than Human live was awesome, especially considering the film it's referring to is one of my favorite films of all time. Good stuff...if you get a chance, do see the man in concert.


Professional dumbass
Thanks, how did you know I like coffee? Also I have a notice. Due to a comp breakdown, I wont be on as often.


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oh hai thur

im a big gamer myself, what you into?
same with metal music, maiden, GnR, Judas are all solid, but how can you not mention Metallica? im a metalliholic!

hey im shy around new people, but you get out of your shell here
see you around the forum, and enjoy the lulz.