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Helluva Boss | Hazbin Hotel Discussion Thread


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I like both of them. I was really into the backstory of Stolas.

This season feels like it might touch on more stories of other characters as well, and I am fine with that.

Vivzi is a work-horse, I give them and their crew a thumbs up ^v^'


Snake awakens
Honestly I'm astounded by some of the reviews for the new episode. A lot of people really don't like it, one channel I usually follow for their breakdown of new episodes even considered it worse than the Cherub episode.
Yeah it's really weird. It seems like a lot of people were looking for Stella to have a complex reasoning for being a turbo bitch. Or they feel like all of this 'absolves' Stolas of coming across like a bad dad and cheater.

But it's been pretty clear so far that Stella is a heartless monster (at least when it comes to Stolas which is what we car about). And while this episode explained a lot of Stolas' behavior he also readily accepted his responsibility in breaking up the family for his own happiness. He's not free of guilt just because Stella is an asshole.