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Help a DJ out pls+ finding some trance songs played on other university radio

Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
Hey guys, its me, Jacob aka DJlaunchpad22.
As you guys know, I am a dj, and my first gig where i got to promote some amazing music was my own radio show on my university’s radio station, Album 88.
In about a week or so, I will be celebrating ten episodes of that radio show, named “Launchpad Radio” on that station, showcasing remixes from artists featured on regular rotation at album 88, specifically the electronic ones as well as trance songs played on trance shows at other universities. For example: you’ll hear Perry and rhodan’s the beat just goes straight on and on (Drexel university)
Plastikman-spastic (U of Michigan and Michigan State University and other colleges surrounding the detroit area)
Floating points- Lost bloom (Georgia State University)
Peggy gou (Georgia State University)
And many many more.
But I feel a missing piece in this set, and i cant find this track anywhere.
I will need the help of FA forum members who listen to KTUH Hawaii and have a good memory of the song I'm looking for.
Ok here goes.
First off, the time i heard this song was in thanksgiving break around November 18-22, 2018.
The song preceding the song Im looking for was
He lives in you from the lion king 2 and the lion king broadway.
The song after that is the song im looking for.
The approximate time i heard he lives in you and the track im looking for was around 3:20 pm Hawaiian Daylight Time.
After he lives in you faded out the song started out slow, with a meditative chord reminiscient of virtual self’s ghost voices intro edit and the ending to the live edit of underworld’s king of snake, a b minor chord plus an a natural note layered on top of the b minor chord.
This would loop for a while but then in came in small fragments of a few high speed junglist drum and bass rave loops.
Then this massive build up transformed into a massive trance techno drop.
My parents described this track as that of a techno bohemian track.
Pls act fast though. On april 11th at 10 Pm eastern daylight time i will premiere my show.
Also if you know a good trance song that was played on college radio pls let me know so i can add it before the april 11th deadline.