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HELP: attic monster


Can't keep a good dog down
allright first of all its been a while since ive been on the forums.. happy b-day to me, merry christmas to all of you and happy new years.. ok moving on.

so im staying at my friends grandmothers house cause shes renting the house to us, and last night my friend calls me into the room and tells me he hears something moving in the wall.. i called bullshit but when i went into my room i heard something too. so we just brushed it off.. no big deal.. well last night it sounded like something was crawling around in my attic.. =/

SOOO i went up there a few minutes ago scared as hell cause ive never been up in the attic before, just saw alot of pink fuzzy stuffs and i just had a little mag light and a marine corps blade, so i waited, then i threw a dirty sock as far as i could and i heard it moving around, but it was a little far from me so i waiting about 15 minutes and just closed it back up and gave up.. i still hear it..

so my question is does anyone have any suggestions? or how would you react if this happened to you? =/

and also ive never seen a rat or anything like that here before, theres not that many rats in brandon and the only way to get in our attic is through my bathroom.. so i dont know how anything could get up there without getting through my bathroom ceiling..
It's just little rodents that lurk inside your walls, or insects who eat wood or... anything else.

No reason to be scared. Call a professional, or make a hole in the wall. It might also be bad watering that caused the wall to crumble and be less resistant to sounds or outer damage.


Burn it with cleansing fire.

Seriously though, if you've got rats in your house it's best to call a professional exterminator. Rats are tough, vicious motherfuckers to kill; and that's not counting trying to find their homes or how they got in.


It is possible that an animal (e.g., a squirrel) found a way into the attic through gaps in the construction of the home. There are services one can call to help remove the pests if so desired.