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Help build my rave library!


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Hya all, Beltaine party next Saturday and I could use some new tunes.

Anyone know any good rave-y dance songs they'd like to share? The kind that's 100% high energy and positivity...the music that makes you want to laugh and jump and shake your tails with friends? Instrumental preferred but considering anything tat screams "FUN DANCE PARTY!!!" I would love to add to the collection by then if you know any really good ones.

Thanks in advance! Here's a simple example of the style I'm thinking...



Nexus Cabler

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Clubwalker is one of my favorites

Good for pretty much any rave.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Selections from my library based on your suggestions
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Well, you asked for it. My name isn't Raever for nothing after all.

Some hardcore bass for you.

Some good ol' (slightly lighter) drum n' bass.

This one is less jumpstyle rave and more Kandi rave but it's sonic so I couldn't resist...

Annnnnd a dash of light rave cyberpunk in case you needed it.

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