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Critique: Help finding my groove...


New Member
I've really been trying to come up with an art style, but I've hit a wall in terms of drawing. I want to come up with a drawing style that's simple but doesn't look cheap. What advice can you give me, and what artists should I be studying?


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It's just a thing I did, but I tried to focus on simple elements and shapes. Like I didn't like how I drew eyes, so I only drew eyes for a while. I looked at a lot of artists just by browsing through art sites and whatever caught my eyes in term of eyes I would look at it, redraw it, find what I like and didn't like in it. Then I would redraw it with some simplification, on different angles and so on till I was satisfied with my own style of eyes.

You can also try doing challenges of art styles, it helps thinking of art styles you wouldn't have tried by yourself.

Hope that helps a little :)