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Help for rookie artist!


more of a bird if you ask me.
Okay so, i'm gonna start this post by saying that I really need art advice (i'd say my art is pretty solid...on humans) on how to make anthro/furry art! i've been interested for a while on making commissions, but I find that i'm rather lost on this whole thing, since well... i'm not a furry. But I don't want to disrespect the community, so tips and advice on furry art would be greatly appreciated! any anatomy i should look up first, anything? Please let me know!


kitten in a cozy
If you're wanting advice on transitioning into drawing more animal based characters, then the bottom line is the same as learning to draw anything else: research and use references. Depending on your style, you might look up stock photos of real life animals and study proportions and features from there, or you could find artists you like who work in a cartoony style for inspiration. Hope this helps!