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Help, I'm lonely!


Party Hat Master
I'm new to the fandom and I don't have any friends that are in the fandom. I don't know where to go to make friends or anything, can I get some help?


Well...you tried


You just have to put yourself out there man, post things around the forum, respond to people, y'know...converse. Just be outgoing and less...desperate and i'm sure you'll find some like minded people to talk to soon enough.


Hai! I'm always lookin' to meet new people~
So hit me up on skype or pm me! :D


Hey, I'm always interested in meeting new people on FAF! Feel free to PM me whenever you want. :) And OH! Welcome to the Forums!


New Member
I feel like I'm in the same position. I finally joined the community, after years of being too shy, but now finding it hard to make new friends (just like me in real life really).

I'll be your friend if you want? ^_^