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Help making a cat fursona

I've decided to make another fursona, since my current one isn't appealing enough. So I've decided to make another fursona, hoping to be more easier and attractive.

I wanted to make a cute twink body male cat with a shy personality. Artstyle idea would be kemono, particularity pokemon-inspired.

I'm looking for a most attractive features for my fursona, like the breed, hair/fur on the head, fur color, the eye color, and etc. So if anyone has one that would fit the best or suggest a number of them that would be helpful. I have at least one character to inspire, and I'm also open for more personalities/traits as well. Therefore, I think any ideas are welcome here depending how much cuter it will look.
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A calico with blue eyes and blond hair would be adorable!

(Just ignore the fact that calico cats are exclusively female. :p)


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You know what this community needs?

Bobcats and lynxes thats what.

Look at me bruh! Do you feel a bit... lynxed?

Ziggy Schlacht

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Abyssian Cats (And not just because I have a twink character that's exactly what you're looking for, though he's part abyssian, part something else. Totally not based off a friends cat. Nope)


Slight builds, big eyes, big ears. Seriously, they like top out at 8 lbs. They're twink cats.

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Russian blue cats are beautiful.
Maybe also a short-furred Siamese cat?

From the big cat family: Tiger or Jaguar?
Hey guys. Due to overwhelming reasons. I'm think I'm going to focus my fursona and be the best of myself as possible for now on.

However still feel free to suggest anything you like and maybe will considering it in the future.