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Free Art: Help me build up my SFW portfolio! Get a free drawing!


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Hiya, friends! Like it says on the tin, I am in search of some inspiration help to build out some of my SFW drawing examples. Right now in terms of work I receive an influx of NSFW requests, so I don't have much in the way of tame examples for my pricing list.

Here's what I'm hoping to draw:

- 2 or 3 headshots

- 2 or 3 waist up images

- 3 or 4 full body pieces

I realize this is a pretty large scope of work but I'm just putting some feelers out in case anybody may be interested. ;w; I'll link my examples below, but as said, they are very dated, as my NSFW examples most accurately depict my current work and ability. If you'd like to see those, please feel free to contact me, I prefer to give the link out privately.

So, if you're in the market for some free art, please drop your character below! If you have a specific idea that has been floating in your head for a while that you'd like to see them in, you can add that as well. I don't make any guarantees that it'll be exactly what you ask for -- I prefer to usually be inspired by the image itself, but let's chat!

Oh, and probably the most important thing: you will need to be okay with me publicly displaying the art as a portfolio piece that will be shown to future and prospective clients.

Here are some examples, they are embedded in my pricing list but I am NOT charging for these pieces. Thanks so much! ^^



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Baron Tredegar

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Thanks for the opportunity! Here is what I have for you to work with.


Formerly Kotaro Akatsuri, now Alita Inoue.

Tbf, I don't have any art of Alita yet- Would love to see her drawn~
Thank you for the chance, and your art is absolutely gorgeous! ^^;

Edit: forgot some ideas I wanted to share; anythinf 420 friendly, or summertime vibes. ^^; Ive been on a slurpee binge for awhile.
Ooh I'd love one! <3
Here is my Pikachu boi if he interests you! He's a wintery bab so maybe him eating a gingerbread cookie or something? I dunno, anything works!


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Amy Skye

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I have a kobold you could draw. Have no jumping off points for ideas so go nuts if you want.


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How about my girl Morag playing an instrument? Any works, but her favourite is the violin. She's mischievous and fun loving
Clothing is up to you, she does love the colour green. I've also got an outfit idea for her which I'll leave below
Ankle length green dress, not form fitting. It has a modest v neck that goes down only a few inches. Sleeves go about 2/3rds of the way to the elbow and are fairly loose. The dress’s length is down to the digitigrade ankles (specific because that’s higher than human ankles). It’s slit up the sides from the base to just above the hips, with brown jeans worn underneath.

Thank you for the chance :)

Loot Rat

I'm glad you are posting stuff here again. No need to do anything for me as you have already done all of my characters. Think you want some different characters for examples. For other fellas here: come pick your top tier art :3


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You can do Chaos if you want. Here is a couple of details about him so you will have something to work with when deciding how to draw him: he is serious, usually has a stoic expression, and likes video games. Thank you.



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Hey! Feel free to draw my sona however you'd like! I hope ya fun doing it too!


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Hi! I love your examples! I have a sona I made recently that I adore and would love some art for! The ref sheet is kinda bad but I have closer pics if that would help. Dm me if you need those closer pics!




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Wow! Thank you to everybody for so many positive responses and all the interest! I will be taking the rest of today to organize and figure out what kind of pieces I want to do for each character. I will leave this thread open for anybody else who may still be interested. Thank you all again, I'm very much looking forward to drawing for you all!

Gaura Gryphon

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I'd love a lil something of my gryphon!
I really love your art style <3


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