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Help me celebrate this step in recovery?


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As a lot of you know, I'm specifically mute, blah blah blah. It's psychological, so I can recover. The past two weeks have been amazing. From "yes" and "no" to humming, to some people's names.

Today, I said my first spoken full sentence to a person (that wasn't "shut up"). I told my girlfriend "I love you". My recovery is going so well, and I'm connecting with people so much better. I wanted to celebrate that with a cute picture of myself and my girlfriend's fursonas waltzing/cuddling/being cute.

Here's my ref.
And Ji's fursona, Sang the corgi.
They can be drawn anthro or feral.

I'm just so happy and I want to celebrate. Thank you for reading!


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Congratulations! =D

So if I were to draw your characters as anthros, is there anything I should know about their figures/style of dress?


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Thank you! <3

Let's see...Noir is very lithe and does not have visible breasts. Other than that, can't think of anything. She can be digi or platigrade.
Sang is a few inches taller than Noir and has a bit more fluff/curve to her. She has breasts but not huge ones (b cup, about). She is tailless and plantigrade.

As for styles, they're both "naked without showing anything" like this, although sometimes Noir wears scarves and Sang sometimes wears jeans. Can't think of anything else, but if you need any more clarification just let me know. <3


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Aw, thank you <3

Sorry, I took a long nap so I couldn't reply right away. My heart's still all fluttery.
That's awesome!
I'll draw a little picture of you and your girlfriend in feral form. :3
'Cause what's cuter then puppies and kittens?? x3


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Awwww yeah ~

Adorable! I will try to draw something -- Eff exam week, cute girls take precedence <3


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I am so sorry, I forgot this thread existed since I've made tons of progress since. I can talk to Ji mostly normally now! I stutter and pause a lot, but I can talk to her. That's all that matters to me. Thank you guys for your support. And thank you, DreamingRoses. We framed the pic. <3


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No, I'm dating them both, because I am polyamorous. I was dating him online.