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Help me cheer up a friend.


The Trickster coyote.
One of my good friend's depression has kicked back in & has lost confidence of her art being any good. I'm hoping I could cheer her up by getting some support from a few of you guys because I miss the happiness & passion she had a few weeks ago that made me hopeful.

Anyways I have been thinking about what I should put after this for like 30 minutes now panicking about if i'll grab attention or if i'll end up giving another impression that is also would look bad so I should probably just show some of her art I guess?.

Her commissions that she has been stressed over because.
  1. 2 people that have wanted refunds because she apparently did grab the personality of their sona after they finish, But while she works on it they say it's completely fine.
  2. People getting upset that she is still accepting commissions while she still has some she needs to work on because she needs the money because of current life events.


Her comic (still in concept) that I absolutely adore she but worries about a lot:


Here are some links if you particularly liked her art & want to see all of it:

But I just wanted to cheer her up & let her know that she has some amazing art to be proud of & People want to show it to others. If you left her a compliment I assume she would appreciate it & I hope it will be just what she needed to make her feel at least a little better.
(Plan to show her the thread in a bit)