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Help me create a monster


One time, at basic training...
chupacabra and other folklore monsters make for good inspiration. I have a monster laying around that has chupacabra limbs with broad ribs and an almost nonexistant waist.


yeah sorry bout that....

i gave my suggestion and it was a good serious one. ill find my drawing later... ill let u see it ^^


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just do what god did with the platypus, take random parts of other animals that you like, and make a chimera out of them.

anyway, some ideas for parts:

electric tentacles
some sort of hypnotic third eye
tail that is either a scorpion's stinger, snake's head, or bladed weapon of some kind (make it poisonous with some sort of creepy effect for the poison)
iris can change color/pupil can change shape
can spit fire or acid or ice or something like that.

oh, and if you want it to look creepy, have it look extremely malnourished or rabid or something.

i might be able to sketch something out if you want (i cant guarantee quality, just a base)


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Slender Man...You can never...EVER make anything more scary than him
Rosie O'Donald. She'll eat him.

EDIT: Furthermore, I have a few other concepts. Odd number of limbs, though that may go with asymmetrical. Self-mutilated creature might also work, or some sort of natural "trophy rack" on it including impaled heads / limbs in varying states of decay.


Sabertooth tiger base.

No bottom to the lower jaw, bits of flesh or tentacles dangle down from it and move when he talks. Two long saber fangs on the top jaw. No flesh on the lower parts of the legs, so the bone is showing. Long, black claws and a claw on the back of the ankle. Two long black/yellow barred antenna protruding from the neck that help it see, because it's eyes are hazy and clouded over. Bits of flesh missing from the chest, showing the internal organs somewhat (mainly the heart and lungs). A thick black mane. A very long, thin tail with black fur lining the top of it and a sharp axe-like end to it.



I would think that rather depends on your definition of creepy or scary. What I normally do to make a monster of some kind is I take away its rationality making it bestial and unpredictable. Then I begin subtracting parts of itself in a manner that causes it to appear savage, gruesome, and/or immune to traditional methods of killing.

Wait, that sounds oddly familiar

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
Scary is the unknown. Read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and get back to me on that.
The wall monster is <3

Basically, something that you're not sure what it is, but you know that you don't want to get close enough to find out.


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Don't forget the unnatural movements/poses, those usually creep out faster than the actual being lol. can't go wrong with unnecessary levels of gore when doing images like that either hehe

btw I second making part spider cause they are about the only thing I fear lol they make my skin crawl at the site ugh
So you agree that furries are monsters.
Though, monsters are not animals.
I'd suggest Oni, because it's.. horny and monster alike.
Let me take that 4th edition DND book right here, zey do nothing.
Or take anything that comes to your mind, remove it's skin, put random metal beams in it that get out in a pitch.
I'd say that regenerators and iron maidens are the best monsters - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgcH137R2jk