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Help me decide what Animals I should choose

Okay so me and my furiend "Kry"-She's Shares ideas and is the grammar editor- Would like to work on a comic book and I don't really want to get into what its about , cause everything is still being roughly drafted. Basically I just would like some ideas for Species I should use.
"Hint" would like some Animals that are used less than K9's and Felines for Example' I have a Aardvark that's been anthroed out.

Thank you very much love-Shashe


Shadow of the Night
Here are some suggestions:
-Okapi (relative of the giraffe; lives in Africa)
-fruit bat
-Thylacine (aka "Tasmanian Tiger"; extinct)
-anything that looks like a deer without being your common whitetail (pronghorns are fun)


Sex nuts and retard strong
Wow, this comic is off to a great start.