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Help me find a book


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I believe the intended audience is for adolescants. I read this book in middle school and it's a combination between a graphic novel and text pages, i believe they genre is called picto-fiction

From what I can remember about the book, it's a post-apocalypse and only animals are around, and a mouse that likes to eat canned peaches is curious about humaand and wants to find one. Not to spoil the book i can remember, but i think it ends on a cliff hanger where the mouse and his friends find a human.

The first page is of a blue colored skyline of what i think is newyork, it's a city anyways.

I dont have any pictures of it because i cant find the book, wish i could post an image :/


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Hmmm...sounds interesting!

OK, after peeking about using Google, and having spent a decade working in libraries, this might be it? First published in 2016/2017: