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Help me find an artist please?


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Can someone help me find an artist to get some good starting art for my character please?

Any recommendations?

My character is a fox/snep hybrid who's trans. So I think I just wanna make her grey with trans colors? Maybe pretty rosettes. just not sure about how to get the color scheme right. So any artist's help with design and commisions for a basic character I can use to show other artists I eventually find to make more detailed art with scenes etc and art I can use for my telegram would be great thank you


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I charge $40 for fullbodies- don't have an example off hand, but this is my style:

Would be $35 if it is just lines and color instead of my painterly style! I understand if it's not your thing though~


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Heya! I'm interested in working with you :>

Here are examples of my work

and Here are my prices and ways to contact me


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Hi! I'm interested in working with you!
Check out some of my works here


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


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Are you looking for a commission, or free art? There is a commission forum under "art sales and auctions" you will have more artists to choose from there.
If you are though, I'd love to sketch some ideas for you, perhaps even paint on if you like it! Here's my prices.


Good luck finding an artist!