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Help Me Find This Artist or Lineartist?


New Member
Hello! I'm looking for whoever designed this baby--
And if possible, the lineartist? I've been searching for an hour and a half and I can't find anything. I also can't read the signature.

I'm curious because someone on Furvilla is looking to resell this, but they don't remember the artist. I want to find out who it is before I buy it, since I don't want such a low res image as a reference..



Fully Certified Lurker
You might try deviantart and the adoptale communities there. it's probably part of a huge batch and unfortunately you may never be able to find the original artist. you may be lucky to find someone who bought one.

If the art was originally bought with actual cash you might be able to daisy chain your way to the original creator. however if it was bought with DA points that's pretty unlikely unless you get lucky.