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Help me find this artist?


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Im new to Fur Affinity, and I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the site. I'm looking for a specific artist who's work I adore. I have a few screenshots of their art that some friends have provided, but none of us can remember the name of the artist. I do know for a fact, that they are on Fur Affinity because my friend has gotten a commission from them here. Im hoping someone might recognize the art and can point me in the right direction, or teach me a more refined way of searching on Fur Affinity. Ill attach the art below. Thanks in advance!

Asher Grey

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If you have names of specific OCs you commissioned, you can search those and maybe the artist included them as tags(I always do). If your friend commissioned them, they probably have some form of recorded contact, through notes or somewhere otherwise. I'd ask the person who commissioned them for more specifics.

Sam Wamm

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you could do species specific searches to narrow it down


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Is the art based on your friend's fursona? That could help with the searching.
Please upload more pictures if possible. Reversing the image comes up with nothing. Also, see if your friend can find contact information with the artist, or, if the art is their fursona, ask the fursonas name and look it up.


If your friend had commissioned them, assuming they used Paypal (or some other type of money transfer) they can probably look through the records to at least find the name of the artist?
Or as someone mentioned, through their notes on FA?