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Help me!!!! Finding free requests on Fur affinity is like finding a unicorn.

Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
As I stated in my introduction, I was banned from deviantart BY MY PARENTS because the word "deviant" was viewed as a bad connotation according to my parents. But while I was on Deviantart, again, I loved asking for space hopper ball art and stories. It's not all bad anyway, as I found some accounts on here, fan fiction.net , and Twitter that use DA. This potential member that MIGHT join furaffinity,Manic1265, did draw up two of the pics on my DJ Launchpad 22 profile, and they were me and Neptune bouncing together, and me and Zeena from sonic lost world bouncing together on zeena's giant space hopper.
www.furaffinity.net: Me and zeena's couples bounce by DJLAUNCHPAD22
And www.furaffinity.net: #Ship Bounce 1: Jumping like a kangaroo with Neptune! by DJLAUNCHPAD22
But finding a FA user that likes drawing humans and fictional characters and furries on space hopper balls for FREE on Furaffinity is like FINDING A UNICORN!!!
Someone help guide me to the free request drawers that like the same art I like, that is, space hopper art with humans, fictional characters, and furries (real and fictional) Bouncing on space hoppers!


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Well it's a niche interest so it's kinda normal to have difficulties to find people drawing it for free. Artists usually draw for free what inspires them or what they like to draw.
But I think you're doing what you should do to find people of the same interest: posting threads about it :)

You can also go to the Art Exchange and Trades and look at Free Art threads. Read what the artist offers and see if that fits then just give it a try (it's often better to give references of the characters you wanna see draw ^^).
You can also learn to draw. It takes time but it's a great medium to make your ideas come true :)
Or you can save money to buy commissions of what you want!

Hope that helps a little!


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I said to read what the artist has to offer and see if that fits. You just spam the whole section included an adoptable thread (meaning, someone who gives characters to adopt, not someone who gives drawing of your sona) and someone who said they would draw only one character.
That's why I said to read. You'll just be seen as a spammer and your chances to have a picture might drop because of that. Please, be respectful of the artists who offer art, read carefully their thread before posting.

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
Me: hi! Drop your ref and I might species-swap your OC :)
Me, days ago: alright, I did several, thread closed!

Seriously? This stuff is allowed on this site?


Cat With A Guitar


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Hello, I read your discussion and well I also wanted to explain something to you, the artists (I join them) only give away pieces or arts when they are starting because they do not have or self-esteem or in their absence they look for potential clients. I, for example, am an artist who works in both DA and FA. since my illustrations are anthro. but my jobs can cost up to $ 400. but what happens as many people can not afford that amount. I have promotions so people can have their design at an acceptable cost. my recommendation would be: if you like an artist talk to him (we are not monsters xD eat people) you can possibly reach an agreement always when the two parties agree.