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Help me learn to Lucid dream!


Oni said:
Truthfully, I have "lucid dreams" often. They happen when I oversleep during the later part of a sleep period. So if I were to sleep for 9 hours, then wake up momentarily, then attempt to nap for another 2 hours, I would most likely lucid dream during those later 2 hours.

Most psychic activity happens after a good night's sleep unless you are "on" completely. I learned to lucid dream when I was a child because our culture - Eastern European folk-Judaism - allowed for the idea of fortune-telling and the significance of dreams, and I became a natural by the time I left school.

If you write down your dreams and keep a regular diary of coincidences and significant psychic events that occur in waking life (including premonitions that come true, visions or hallucinations - but don't do too many drugs because that leads to a lack of mental focus and discipline crucial to learning the right way to have psychic experiences (I knew who was going to win New Hampshire the other day before anyone else did, and I have a big feeling that I and Hillary Clinton are going to be working closely together at some stage over the coming years), or odd insights that come true in amazing ways), then you have a much better chance of coming to believe subconsciously in what you are doing; scepticism is often the barrier to things like this as, in the words of a film poster I saw recently, often you have to "believe it to see it". Once you are subconsciously accepting of what is going on, you can begin to meditate and focus your creative energies on experiencing lucidity in dreams and use them to explore and channel spiritually and mentally and often communicate with spirits and see into the future. I used to dream a lot of being an owl, hence my "fursona"; then I started to believe that I could choose whether I was a snowy owl or a barn owl, so when that happened I always picked the cuter barn owl; then I could choose where to fly to (over London, over my home in Folkestone - though I often there chose to be a seagull to blend in - or once over Louise's house in Berkshire while we were apart; I used to dream of her a lot and was amazed when she said she dreamt a lot of me too, so these things happen spiritually before they happen in real life"!) and so on.

Many people who experiment with hallucinogens such as magic mushrooms or even weed have these experiences but they lack control over them and it is often disturbing to watch what is going on. A more balanced and healthier way to open the channels to spirit is to ask or affirm out loud: I want to dream and I want to remember my dreams. It's not easy to direct yourself to begin with but it is a product of a slow awakening rather than a quick "Lucid Dreaming for Dummies" DIY approach. It's almost more fun to wake up than it is to be awake for some people.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


i lucid dream nearly every night now, i made it kinda passive when i started looking for things in my dream that were downright impossible, and recognizing that it was a dream. it took a couple months, but it has stuck with me ever since