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Free Art: Help Me Learn

Mont Blanc

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Who are you?

Hey I'm Mont Blanc. I'm new to anthro art (like I've got 4 hours of experience new) but I want to learn and start doing commissions. For that I need a portfolio of work. That's where you hopefully come in! I want to draw your characters. All I ask is that I be allowed to use the piece as an example. Also if you let me know if you think my stuff is good enough for commissions that would be useful information (I won't be offended if you say no).

What will I get?

It might be a sketch, icon, or chibi. It all depends on how I'm feeling. Please don't feel like a quicker piece means I don't like your character as much, that's not the case.

What DON'T you draw?

Pretty much just NSFW. I'll try to draw anything but I can't promise it will be good. I might draw shirtless characters.

Do you have examples?

Right now here's what I have:


Do you have a wait list?

1. KD142000
2. Bender051
3. [Open]
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Soft Deercoon

Pardon the old ref- I've been intending to re-do it for some time now but just can't seem to get it right.
Your art is super cute though, I'd love to see my deercoon Winter drawn like that if you're up for it ^u^


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I think you're art looks very nice. Especially good for a beginner. Give or take a few months, I project that you should start doing commissions for around 20-70 USD pretty soon.

Oh, and here's my character:


Hi! Your art is really cute!
Would you like to draw my boy Fret? With or without his outfit is up to you!
Thanks so much! <3


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Awl your art is very cute. I think you could certainly do commissions. ^^! Here are some of my characters for your consideration. Thanks for the chance.