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Help me pick my fursona?

Cherry Blossom

New Member
I previously had a fursona but I wasn't as involved in the furry fandom as before so I've decided to start over and try to figure out what my fursona should be. I'm hoping if I describe my personality a little, it could help identify an animal that sounds similar to my personality.

I'm a very quiet and introverted person. I consider myself to be pretty aloof and don't often like to be found in social situations/gatherings. I like to be alone most of the time so I guess I would also be considered a loner but that doesn't mean I like to be alone all the time. When around friends, I'm super goofy and have a dry sense of humor. When out in about, I'm very awkward and shy and become a nervous wreck around other people. My hobbies would be drawing and occasionally hiking and collecting things in the woods which would mostly be animal bones that I find interesting.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys could give me! :)


Sneaky rainforest kitty
I'm thinking an AyeAye



They're anxious lil tree gremlins from Madagascar

I should note most photos look substantially less flattering - they usually look lowkey demonic. But they can be sweet babs too.


live long, and prosper
Why not be a tree? Your name gave me that idea, and then your introverted tendencies reinforced that notion.


Monsters are hot. :)
I recommend a jackrabbit (jackrabbits are actually hares, fun fact).

Unlike rabbits, hares are mostly solitary animals and they haven't been domesticated. Hares and rabbits can both be goofy and nervous wrecks. lol Hares have long legs so that's good for hiking.



Just a fox.
Ah, we have similar tendencies. I exhibit most of those things, as well.

Obviously, your fursona can be whatever you want; it doesn't have to directly correlate with your personality if something else resonates with you more. Maybe your fursona is more of an idealized version of you.

But! On the descriptors you gave, I would suggest considering:
Bear (This was my first thought, honestly.)
Takin (an animal I had never seen / heard of until a few days ago and they're amazing looking)
Pangolin (maybe not classified as goofy, but I feel like that'd be fun to pull off)


Monsters are hot. :)
Why not be a tree? Your name gave me that idea, and then your introverted tendencies reinforced that notion.

Goats strangely enough can climb trees. They can be very silly, aloof, and when startled, they freeze and fall over.