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Help Me Practice! Discount $10 Portraits


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Hey, everybody!

I've gotten into drawing furries fairly recently, and I know that I could use quite a bit more practice figuring out gestures and stylizations that appeal to me when drawing various sorts of animals. Sooo, if any of ya'll are interested in taking me up on it, I've decided to offer coloured portraits of any sort of furry for $10 ($5 off my regular commission price of the same type of illustration.)

Here are some examples of my previous work:


If you'd like to see more of my work, feel free to check out my tumblr and my fa (but be forewarned, my fa is largely made up of nsfw kink art.)

Email me at raunchypaunch at gmail if you're interested!

For the time being, I'll open up five slots:

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Oh! Also, I tend to finish commissions within one week, and you will definitely get an update from me if it's taking longer than that.