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Help Me Redesign My Sona, Please

Skull Beast

New Member
I love my main fursona, don't get me wrong, but I feel like I'm not quite content with her design, specifically her markings. I would love it if someone could help me out with redesigning her. My fursona, Jinx, is very important to me and will continue to be my fursona for years to come. Since I plan to have a fursuit made of her eventually, I want to love her design and be fully comfortable with it.

Basic Information:
-She's a vernid, a species by LiLaiRa
-She's sassy, innapropriate, and quite gay
-She's smol

Jinx:www.furaffinity.net: Jinx Fullbody Reference by SkullBeast

The white marking on her face is supposed to resemble a skull, but I think I should make it more skull like and less like a white blob. I know I want to keep her mane/mohawk, but I'm not sure about the coloration. Overall I just need help with the markings.

I can't offer much in return for assistance except for Flight Rising currency and my gratitude. Thank you for your consideration!