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Help! My soundtrack needs listening to xD


Hey all,

In case you don't know me that well or pay attention to anything but the porn, I'm Nobu and I make chiptunes and retro "VG-style" music. :3

For the past 6 months or so I've been working on a game called "Kyubi the Diving Cat", which has run into some technical issues, and because of this I've decided to wait and choose another language to port the engine to before continuing to develop the game. However, I didn't stop working on the game entirely!

As you know, FC is this month. I heard that a friend would be able to sell a product at FurtherConfusion on my behalf this year for the first time, and I was very excited! However, I got artist's block and couldn't produce anything art-related before the deadline. Worse yet, a recent fiasco with a change in the rules (let's not go into details) created a chilling effect where I wouldn't want to risk getting my friends dragged into a ball of drama, even if the chances of that are miniscule, so I decided to forego selling art this year. :V

Instead, I thought "hey, why not try to sell the OST for Kyubi? I have a couple songs written, and a bunch I've been meaning to write". Setting a goal for myself, I managed to hammer out a bunch more tunes in the past couple weeks, quite proud really. :3

Anyway, getting down to business... Before I go about selling my first ever soundtrack at Further Confusion 2008 (which is in less than two weeks!), I was hoping I could get some impressions on whether or not this sort of music will sell well. I only plan on making 25 copies of the disc initially, and those limited copies will also have a second soundtrack on them which may not be included on the future copies (that is, if there's even enough demand to sell more than 25 copies).

Anyway, I uploaded 3 full songs and a bunch of sample clips from the other songs for everyone to hear. Help me test the waters, and maybe suggest a price you'd pay / think other people would pay for it!


Thanks everyone