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Help Please...


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Anybody interested in a Golden Retriever?

She's about 8 years old, use to be bred and is a total sweetheart to all ages. She's my roomate's, who.. really doesn't take care of her at all.

I live in the Cincinnati area, and would love for poor Maggie to go to a nice home, where her owner will care about her and take care of her.

We live in an apartment now and I feel really bad about having her cooped up in here all day. She's a big doggy, she needs to get out. =/

If interested, or if you know anybody who's would be interested and would like to see pictures, let me know...

Thanks, guys.


Nevermind....my parents are being very strict when it comes to having other pets.

Good luck finding her a home.


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D: Good luck! I wish I could have a doggie, but there's just no room in my tiny apartment, and I doubt my five cats would like a doggie very much. x.x


Anti-Rape Boosh!
@Shenzebo: That's alright. And thank you very much! I hope she finds a nice home as well!

@Bir: Thank you <3 5 cats? Holy crap XD