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Help W/ My Mates Fursona Reference Page?


Novice Fursuiter/ERPer
Okay so, me and my mate have been together for 5 years now. I've been a furry for many years before we met, so I already had my fursona worked out for the most part. Up until then he was more of a Furry Fan, but I convinced him he needed one if we're eventually going to get him a Fursuit (and update my old one).

So here we are! I've typed out something that he seems to like, and I wanted to get any advice or feedback from today's furries, since mine has been the same for around 19years I'm a little rusty on all the details. Hopefully I covered just about everything in this, let me know any thoughts or if you know an artist who draws goats pretty well.
I'll Leave out the adult portion of this since it might be frowned upon, if you wanna see those details just send me a note on FA's Profile pages.

~Snarles Barkley~

~British Primitive Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)
~Age: 20yo
~Gender: Male
~Orientation: Pansexual (femboy/herm/male preference), Dominant/Top
~Height: 6ft 2in
~Body Type: Average, softened not overly toned

~Coloration: Mostly Black with White & Brown Patches
~Legs: Digigrade with Hooves
~Hands: Humanoid with hoof black nails, 4 fingers and 1 thumb
~Headfur/Hair: Sometimes worn in a mowhawk, straight up or leaned over. Generally Tied back in a ponytail with the occasional stray strand in his face
~Facial Fur: Long Goatee fur on his chin, mixed black fur with white strands.
~Fur Tufts: Chest fur Tufts are white, Crotch Fur Tuft above his sheath is Black/dark brown.
~Horns: Long, slight curl back
~Tail: Short brush tail, black with white tip. Always perked, exposing his ebony taint and tailhole.
~Eyes: Left Eye blue, Right Eye Olive Green. almost humanoid with wider goat pupils.
~Glasses: Rounded Rectangle lenses, sit low on his muzzle and eyes.

~Piercings: Right ear pierced with a silver ring, and a plastic ear tag with the letters S.B. Printed on it.
Left ear pierced with an Industrial Bar
labret piercing on Lower lip
Small Nose ring in his septum
Eyebrow piercing
Nipples pierced with studs, one each

~Tattoos/Markings: Left inside ankle, just above the hoof, greyish white fur colored in the shape of a small Mini Nuke (atomic bomb) with the letter "F" on it