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HELP !! - Wacom Intuos-2 software needed.


Please can anyone help? :(

I've had a Wacom Intuos-2 running on WINDOWS XP PRO via a SERIAL port for best part of 2 years now. Occasionally when you turned the PC on it wouldn't work (light on but no cursor movement) but usually I simply unplugged the power supply to the tablet and re-connected it and it would usually start working.

HOWEVER.... It's stopped working now :(

If I go into the 'wacom tablet properties' program on my start menu, it shows an error 'THE TABLET DRIVER WAS NOT FOUND'. So I reload the software I downloaded for it originally (pro493-3_int.exe - 'wacom tablet driver software version 4.93-3') and it will work again with no problems...... UNTIL I TURN THE PC OFF and then the error comes again when I turn the PC on again. It's like the software loads but it doesn't stay put.

Please does anyone have an original copy of the wacom software for serial on XP pro that is reliable and works and stays working? Or at least directions to a download that has worked for them please?



Cheers there all, I pulled a couple of files off of various places on the web in the end and with a bit of messing around got things working again..