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Help with a new style (critique)


Prisoner 655321
In short I'm trying my hand at a few different styles of drawing anthro.

My older works were somewhat simpler, especially in the faces
Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3080738/

But now I'm moving towards a more expressive style that also offers a little more muscle detail.
Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3219029

I'm hoping that I could get some help to continue a smooth transition, and continue to improve.


The only thing I can think to say is keep proportions in mind, as well as continuing to reference real-life.

Don't just put detail into muscle and forgo detail in other areas. In the first picture, you detailed the hands better, but in the second, you left them undefined. Strive to make everything as detailed as possible. It makes the picture that much more interesting.

To end on a good note, too, I like that you kept the dynamic-ness of the lines. They vary in thickness, bringing more interest to the picture.

Overall, it's a pretty decent work, and you look like you're well on your way to vast improvement.


Prisoner 655321
Thank you for the critique and advice. I see I still have a ways to go ^_^ but progress is good.