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Help with a story/art and viewership?


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Hello. This is my first time posting here and if I'm doing something frowned upon please let me know and where I can go for some possible help and feedback.

The major issue is regarding my GF's wonderful story, characters and art. I really think if people in the community here was more aware of the story or the art that more people could be exposed to it and enjoy it and it could finally get the viewership I think it deserves. The problem is not matter how much she seems to try at posting it in various places it doesn't seem to reach a lot of people.

Is there something we could do to fix this? Is there something we are doing wrong?

I really think a lot of people would enjoy her story and art but it always seems like she gets stuck in the shadows...

Could people here check out the art and the story and see what they think about them?

Here is a recent piece of art from her story. www.furaffinity.net: EUTS: Propaganda by Lady-Owl

The story as well as more art from the story can be found on Deviantart. Original Story: Everything Under the Stars by Lady-Owl on DeviantArt

Her Furaffinity gallery has art from her story as well as other original art and fanart as well. Artwork Gallery for Lady-Owl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Please check it out and see if something there catches your eyes of if there is something she could do to help with that.

Please also if you can check it out and or let others know who might be interested in this and also get back to me here or on furafinity and let me know your thoughts on the matter?

Thank you very much for reading this and if possibly checking it out and offering any help/suggestions.



HEYO, need a view on your story or tips for background story
or character development?