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Help with advertising banner.

Heyas all! Just as the title says, I'm looking for some help with creating an advertisement banner to hopefully be put here on Furaffinity. I have no idea where to go to find this kind of help, so hopefully this thread is in the right place. I know what I want, and I have the art to be used for the banner so I'm just looking for someone with the right program and expertise to help me. I'd have to say my budget is $20? I think that's about right, I have no idea for where to begin as far as pricing, so drop a comment with a link to your FA and I'll send you a note if your stuff interests me.


Gundam Meister
Hello, I can edit the (existing) artwork, add text and add effects to the banner for $20 USD.
Here are some examples of my work (these are just illustrations, but they made me a very advanced Photoshop user):






Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


I don't use my FA so i'll just give you a few examples and an email if that's ok with you.



I can do stuff like these for $15. My email is irigreens@gmail.com but if you insist on using FA you can message me there at iridescentgreen.


I've made an animated banner for FA advertising to help my friend's kickstarter.


I can probably help out if you have all the assets ready.


Hello, I have a fairly substantial history with doing advertisement work, with both pre-made materials and my own illustrations!
In my signature I have a link to my FA, but also more relevantly in this case, my outside portfolio, which has some stuff which may be closer to what you are looking for. Feel free to ask about other work I've done!
My Graphic Design stuff specifically.
My Illustrative stuff specifically (shows a bit more my Photoshop abilities)

Doodle Bunny

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Hi! I don't know exactly what you'll be advertising, but if it's SFW, I'd be absolutely happy to make you a banner!

Here is my FA account:
Userpage of doodlebunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And a sample of a banner from my own webcomic:

MFID Issue 1 Banner.png

If you're looking for a style like mine, please drop me a message! I'd love to hear from you!