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Help with Character Design (Budget 25$)


I am looking for an artist to help me with creating a character I had in mind for a long time. The character itself will be a mixture of following species: Feline (Big cats), Bear/Ursine and possibly smaller fragments of other species.

However as I do have only a rough idea and nothing very detailed in mind, I need someone able to help me out with the process of getting the character drawn.

What do I expect from the artist?

- Patience

- Experience in/Knowledge about the aforementioned species

- Experience in drawing voluptuous bodytypes ( Chubby/Tubby )

- Experience in drawing older/aged characters

- The ability and willingness to stream the commission ( It is easier to make corrections and give/get direct feedback this way, which decreases the possible back and forth between me and the artist ).

Optional but helpful:

- Experience in color schemes and matching colors

- Experience in mixed (CIS and Dual) Genders

What I am hoping to get:

- Colored Commission ( either flat-colored or shaded ) of any kind. Reference sheets are a maybe, I personally prefer a piece with the character already. Shows more personality than a "cold" reference sheet.


- Background ( If it fits into the price range)

Payment via Paypal


Wakor Jones
Hello there! *cracks knuckles* I love me some chubby characters. This sounds like a great project!
I'm personally am not cis, and I draw all sorts of genders.
I'm also experienced with drawing characters working entirely off of text descriptions.

Feel free to check out my pricess and see if I work within your budget. If you choose to, messaging me on FA or Tumblr is the quickest way to get a hold of me :)

You can check out more of my work and my styles HERE. Also, clicking on the examples below will take you to the full-sized image.

Contact me on:



Well-Known Member
Hi! I would like to make your request! here some example of my art and price. Gallery-http://www.furaffinity.net/user/solaris91/ :

Sketch 5$:

ICON 5$:

character profile 15$:

Big draw 25$:

little draw 15$:

CHIBI 10$:

Comic page 80$:


boo hiss
These examples are SFW, but I have some NSFW samples in my gallery. I can stream as well. We would have to talk with Curse Voice since my mic is shit, though.

$15 will get you two hours:

$25 will get you five hours:

$40 will get you a whole day:
hello my prices are

ref sheet: starting at $10 (depending on the amount of detail price will go up)
headshot: starting at $15 (depending on the amount of detail price will go up)
full body poses: starting at $15 (depending on the amount of detail price will go up)
feral poses: starting at $20 (depending on the amount of detail price will go up)
nsfw: starting at $25 (depending on the amount of detail price will go up)

please take a look at my page for examples http://www.furaffinity.net/user/1324requiem/


Hey there! Chub artist here with a passion for character design!
I can make you a full body flat colour piece or a shaded chibi for 25$.
Check out my profile;
Userpage of stickycrop -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And some examples of my chubby/curvy doodles (most are nsfw btw.:U):
www.furaffinity.net: Night Wear Moon by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: The Bashful Goodra by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: Enchantment by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: Mmmm, sandwich by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: Yawn~ by StickyCrop

If interested toss me a note or send me an email at windkeepergraphics@gmail.com :D
Hello there~ I'm interested in helping you get some art of your character! I design most of the characters for my friend's Dungeons and Dragons games so I'm no stranger to working from a written description.

Here's my price list, Commission Info for Roaring-Flame-Cat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net so you can have an idea of what's what.

Here's some examples of my chub work:

And here's a pic of my Herm OC. NSFW link. www.furaffinity.net: Lua. The newest OC~ by Roaring-Flame-Cat

If you'd like to hire me, please shoot me a note on my FA. I don't check the forums as often. ^^; Thanks for your time and consideration.